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Invoke: P. and V. νακαλεῖν (acc.), μαρτρεσθαι (acc.), παρακαλεῖν (acc.), V. ἀγκαλεῖν (or mid.) (acc.), Ar. and V. καλεῖν (or mid.) (acc.), κικλήσκειν (acc.), Ar. and P. ἐπιμαρτρεσθαι (acc.), P. ἐπιβοᾶσθαι (acc.), ἐπικαλεῖν (acc.).
Call in as witness: P. and V. μαρτρεσθαι (acc.), P. ἐπικαλεῖν (acc.), Ar. and P. ἐπιμαρτρεσθαι (acc.).
Conjure: P. and V. ἐπισκήπτειν (dat.), κετεύειν (acc.), Ar. and P. ἐπιμαρτρεσθαι (acc.).
Have recourse to: P. and V. τρέπεσθαι πρός (acc.).
Please, gratify: P. and V. τέρπειν, χαρίζεσθαι (dat.).
Appeal to (another tribunal): P. ἐφιέναι εἰς (acc.).
He wished for the future to pay three obols till he had appealed to the king: P. τοῦ λοιποῦ χρόνου ἐβούλετο τριώβολον διδόναι ἕως ἂν βασιλέα ἐπέρηται (Thuc. 8, 29).

Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language. 2014.


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